Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cut it out

Hello friends, foe and family alike - I'm in this collage show that opens 6pm tomorrow night at Tinning Street Gallery. Tinning Street Gallery is on ah, Tinning Street in Brunswick. Again I seem to be showing in an artist run space that's a little challenging to find, just bear with my weirdly specific instructions... this place is in a little alley right next to 29 Tinning Street. Above the door to the gallery is a whole bunch of milk cartons strung up on ah, string. It is pretty visible from the street. Trust me! If you're reading this, you are very welcome to come. You are almost encouraged. It may be relatively fun.


  1. i would have come had i lived anywhere near there, but i'm ina whole other country :(

    1. Thanks so much for your support, despite distance! You're a doll xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Minna

  2. what a great blog you have!
    i live in melbs & will check it out/ not the opening tho/ that would be awk
    you should have bought that dali book & filled it with yr happy memories to balance the negative energy or whatevs ANYWAY my post has a purpose - i'm british & moved here recently-ish [dad lives here blah blah] WHERE ARE THE BEST OP SHOPS? know any with a big male section? the only sucky thing about thrifting in australia is you can't buy something thats too big etc &get it altered cuz that cost fucking loads here, my new dali [coincidence] shirt cost $80 to get fitted today
    also, what are other places to check out? i've been to chapel street bazaar which was glorious ha but the best thing on chapel street is that 80s b&w photo booth, its so old the colours all bleed into each other which makes the snaps even better...
    && lastly, any night spots? i've been going to the gay bars but the crowd is bland & the music is baaad aha looking for more mixed arty places
    big post but hoping you'll now feel obliged [only kidding] to reply with for me & my mate to check out cuz you clearly have good taste ;)

    1. Hello Anonymous!
      Thank you for your lovely comment, and, welcome to Melbourne!
      For Op Shopping, I got to Savers, mainly. Savers is like a big chain Op Shop with a HUGE male section. There is a Savers on Sydney Rd in Brunswick, in Footscray (Both not far out of the city) then there's Greensborough Savers, which is the one I go to all the time, and Frankston Savers, and Mill Park Savers... there is a few scattered all over Melbourne. They have a great range of sizes too so hopefully you wouldn't need to worry about altering stuff.
      Also obviously you should check out all you local Salvation Army and Vinnies store - there's usually one in every suburb!
      You should try shopping on Sydney Road, Brunswick, on Smith Street in Collingwood (Personal fav), or on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy or on High Street in Northcote. Chapel Street is generally regarded as very expensive!
      You should also check out vintage stores like Retro Star which is right in the city off Swanston Street, and Shag which is on Brunswick Street and in Degraves Street in the city. Okay I'm overwhelming you... sorry!
      As for alterations and stuff, I reckon you would find somewhere really cheap on Sydney Road that would do alterations. Otherwise I just do them myself because that can be pricey! (I don't do a very good job..)
      Okay. Night spots.
      I don't really go 'clubbing' and stuff because usually I go to house parties and art openings. There are some really nice bars on Smith Street in Collingwood - The Panama Dining Room, Rice Queen (Both restaurant/bars) For dancing - the Copacobana on Smith Street, or the Night Cat just off Brunswick Street (Gets very crowded and only go if desperate) Occasionally I find myself at Bar Open on Brunswick Street when a good band is playing, or for a quite drink at Lane's Edge on Bourke Street in the city.. I'm not the best person to ask about night life because usually I'm just at a friend's house playing The Rolling Stones very loudly or something..
      But anyway if you want 'arty types' steer clear of Chapel Street. Smith Street is my personal fav place to hang out, it just has the best vibe. Ummmmmmm I think that's all!!! This will probably just make you more confused :) xxx Minna