Monday, March 12, 2012

Stand by your mayn

I made these GIFs today. It is supposed to be me in like a 70s cult, OBVIOUSLY. Today also I attempted to drown out the distant echos of a failure of the romantic variety with country music from the 70s similar to what was posted in the below post but also including lots of Dolly Parton. I get a little too hung up on stuff like that. Well, hung up on romantic failures as well as Dolly Parton. My sensitive little soul is too... sensitive. When Dolly Parton sings "I will always love you" How can you not take that seriously...! just (half) joking. I had Indian for lunch today which was delicious. The weather was beautiful. WHY do I FEEL LIKE I'm in a SEVENTIES CULT THEN?


  1. Hello Minna I really like these! I can't stop watching them, its like hypnosis xoxo Sophia

  2. Sophia in blog land!!! Hooray!!! Thanks for your comment and for coming on here!!!!!! See you tomorrow wooooooooooo oxoxoxox

  3. Minna post a photo of you not wearing any makeup, i wanna see what you look like