Thursday, March 29, 2012


Okay you guyz don't laugh but this Rookie diary post is like the most serious one I've ever done and I really spent like a lot of time on it, I looked through like 50 books to find the perfect images... I really wanted it to be about this thing that happened to me that I'm not going to talk about in words, only through this collage cos it's just the best way to do it.

I usually treat my art kind of like shit in a sense that I don't really care for it or look after it (For example I got into this exhibition with this collage that I'd done and when I went to put the collage in the show I had totally lost it beyond recovery, I think I left it out in the rain one time and never picked it up) But THIS ONE IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME and I'm going to go and get it from the scanner I left it in and glue stick it in a scrapbook and keep it forever. Most of the time what is MOST important to us, sentimental stuff that is, not valuable stuff - we just keep like in a little drawer or in a pile at the bottom of a wardrobe or under our bed or IN OUR HEADS, where it exists even more deliciously than in real life. The most valuable things we own are our memories and experiences, because they are TRULY priceless, and fundamentally IRREPLACEABLE. What is most valuable to us we don't really 'protect' but rather it is there, stagnant - and we continue to live with it as a permanent stain upon our existences.