Friday, March 9, 2012


I feel so dull today. It could be my dull outfit or from breathing in too many paint fumes or something I guess. It could also be some weird side effect from getting bleach on my hands the other day while dying bed sheets or from this weird muesli I just ate but I think it might be a weird crisis involving ART and WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE.

These happen occasionally, which is unfortunate. Right now I'm in my studio looking at this new painting that I'm doing and it's just totally not cool. It's not the worst ever but it's not the most amazing masterpiece I'd like it to be. Honours has thus far been intense and occasionally mind-numbing. At times the idea of being an artist for the rest of my life is the scariest thing that could ever occur. Most of the time that same idea is the best thing that could occur. Today though, it's the scariest thing. Being an artist is so hard! I always forget that or something. Although, with the subtraction of art from my life, there is not a hell of a lot left.

SO we must forge on, in the name of something. Here are some pictures of me in my studio looking and being lackluster. SO THRILLING.


  1. I hate feeling like that. I hope you get inspired and energetic soon :)

    1. Thanks Celia! I'm still not doing anything.... oh well! I might go get a chocolate.....

  2. Your shirt is like an optical illusion- amazing.

  3. The painting was honestly looking great (but I know the feeling - just keep making things). Minna Gilligan, you are a person that makes things and thinks about them; you are a wonderful artist, and a beautiful person. Some may even say a 'got it all girl'. I hope you are feeling better today.

    PS. Doing taxes isn't fun, but when they are returned to you, you will be able to increase your Savers trips.