Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet sweet Jane

I feel really good because the past couple of days I've been in really good company, like just hanging out with my friends and being really stupid and stuff. Last night we went to an exhibition opening (for something different) and drunk beers (strange behavior) and then went to a party and it was really fun because we danced to this and then this morning we went on a specific expedition to buy heeled jelly shoes and then Georgie and I had to go and deinstall our exhibition 'Halos and Plateaus' which is now over (R.I.P). Now it's Saturday night and even though I'm lying on my bed with my laptop on my chest utterly exhausted typing this I've still been in good company because weirdly enough three people have called my phone and I actually answered, both occurrences of which are rare and I talked to them and laughed just like I was 13 and was talking to my friend on their home phone or on a 'three way chat' call which is something I would personally like to revive.

I am SO PUMPED to get back in the studio on Monday. Here are some images that are kind of inspiration stuff for me right now oh and pictures of heeled jellies.. how did they get in there?

(I got a glitter pair, AND a clear pair. AHH!)

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  1. Awesome shoes, jelly has never been so cool. These photos make me feel free and flower crownish. Cool blog, and YAY for Melbourne, better than Sydney, might I add:)
    Carla, from melbourne