Monday, February 6, 2012


This afternoon I did some tie dying for a new work I'm making for the next show I'm in. I have a lot to do. Does anyone wanna come be my assistant and do all my work for free? Applications are open. Okay thanks! I think the colours went a bit funny on the photos but I like them. Madonna's new single came out a couple of days ago which is so cool. For new readers - I am a big Madonna fan. Ever since I heard 'Like A Prayer' at this disco I used to go to when I was 14 I was hooked. Totally my idol, hands down. Anyway her new single is called 'Give Me All Your Luvin'. Madonna's newer music is a guilty pleasure for me. I like this song. You can see the clip here:

One of my friends at Rookie made me aware of this INCREDIBLE performance from half time at the Super bowl in America. It is totally out of this world, I'd recommend taking the 13 minutes out of your life to watch it. What a woman.

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