Saturday, February 18, 2012

John Waters/Rookie

I had the privilege of illustrating this great interview with THE JOHN WATERS by Hazel Cills on Rookie. Other cool people whose interviews I have illustrated include Elle Fanning, David Sedaris and Daniel Clowes. I'm so into these incredibly distant and arbitrary encounters with 'celebrities' via my drawings. I don't have any contact with them at all except for these drawings. I like to think they look at them and think "What the hell..?!"


  1. I'm a big Rookie reader, and may I say that I particularly enjoyed this illustration. Also! I literally watched Annie Hall for the first time last night and went "Oh! Hey!" (well, actually, "Oy vey!") when I saw your profile picture. Ha! So great, that.

    1. Hey there!! I'm into leather yes yes!! haha :) Thanks for reading rookie and your comment on my blog! Next Woody Allen film you should watch is Manhattan. Is has Diane Keaton in it too and she's a doll!!!! :)