Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today we pretty much finished installing. The opening is tomorrow night! I feel so happy and excited. I just painted my nails red for the occasion. I am now going to post the details, ONE MORE TIME. I promise no more boring blogging after this one. Or maybe. I can't see into the future.

TOMORROW NIGHT AT 7PM, 'Halos and Plateaus' opens at REARVIEW gallery in Collingwood.
Rearview is BEHIND 224 Smith Street, Collingwood. You enter the gallery via Stanley Street. Just walk down Stanley Street from Smith Street, and Rearview will be at the end of the second little driveway on your LEFT. Come for a beer and stay for the art! Or vice versa more likely.

This is an image I made of how to get there. It really is very simple but if you don't know that you enter via Stanley Street, it is easy to get confused!

This is the Facebook page:
and this is the gallery website:
below is the publicity image that says it starts at 6pm but it really starts at 7pm... Our bad!:

Okie doke! I really hope to see you there! :) Thanks for reading this for the millionth time. XOXOX Minna