Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wow I feel REALLY good! I went dancing again tonight with my friend Tiff and it was soooo fun and such a good workout! It is a full moon tonight and the sky is eerily light, which I happen to like. "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun.." Here is a fun playlist that I've been putting together for a while now... download it here:

1. Ain't Got No Home - Clarence 'Frogman' Henry
2. Hallelujah, I Love Her Son - Stevie Wonder
3. Look At Her - Barry White
4. Jump In The Line - Harry Belafonte
5. I'm Going Back Home - Nina Simone
6. True Fine Mama - Little Richard
7. Mr. Melody - Natalie Cole
8. Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel
9. Wishing - Electric Light Orchestra

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