Friday, February 10, 2012

Going Home

Today is the first day to the rest of my life. I don't really know how else to articulately describe this feeling or why today in particular it hit me - this unknown that is irking every inch of my body - it is both good and bad and terrifying and exciting. In a really exciting 'business meeting' that I had yesterday my wonderful 'colleague' said prophetically that my stars are just on the cusp of going crazy... she foresees big things in the near future. I can almost feel it, too. Not big big things, like Madonna or anything, not big big like I used to dream of when I was 16, but big enough for me living out of my little bedroom in a little town in the middle of nowhere where my little art just lives and breathes until I blow it out of my palm into the breeze.

I have some really exciting projects coming up - one is designing an album cover but I'm going to keep that secret until I can show you the images and you can listen to the music! But it is for someone that was a 1990s idol of mine and I am SUPER stoked to be involved. I actually can't wait to share it with you all! Amazing vibes! The other great thing is that I have been commissioned to do drawings for Urban Outfitters which is one of the wildest things that has ever happened to me - being an uncool person who sits inside and colours in with textas all day and is generally uncool.

Suddenly today I was like WOAH. I have taken on A LOT. I am in a show at a new artist run space that my friend is opening up called 'Knight Street' in Footscray in a couple of weeks too. AND I start honours at Uni in a couple of weeks. And I have my ROOKIE stuff! So I'm kind of having a metaphorical asthma attack and feel really stressed when I shouldn't because it's holidays but I'm actually working harder now artistically than I ever have.. I also think I feel extra stressed because my lava lamp is broken so I can't look at it to relax. Leonard is helping me, as usual. I don't have his new album yet (HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO BUY! Ultimate sin) but have been listening to it on YouTube and via various other illegal methods and 'Going Home' track one is just the most perfect thing I've ever heard in my whole life and I love it.

One more 'me'/'I' thing.. (I'm REALLY sorry to bore you. Although I guess that is what I've fashioned this entire blog upon so what the hell) I did this interview for Frankie the other day and you can read it here ( I actually cringe at what I said now because I just actually sound like some kind of freak and also I really don't like the term illustration because they are drawings - they aren't just things that compliment or going alongside something else - they're entities within themselves like der! So if you ignore the fact that I sound like a  fruit loop who just "likes fake fruit" and ignore the "illustration" reference it's not so bad.

"I" WILL SHUT UP NOW and "I" will go to bed now. After tomorrow is over "I" am predicting another existential crisis post, HOORAY! Listen to the below video to rid your mind of my hyperventilating. It is incredible. It just feels so morbid to me, so terrifically sad. I feel like this is Leonard at a point of utter resignation to death. I just cannot express how much this churns my heart and as usual  for me it's the ever so slight hint of irony that makes it particularly tragic.. I love you Leonard, and thank you. His poetry is one of the best things the world has to offer. Leonard channels energy from the heavens. "I'd love to speak with Leonard..."


  1. congratulations Minna, you deserve it!
    Cherie xo

  2. Gooooooo Minna! (that's 'Go' Minna, not 'Goo' Minna...;)

    1. I love goo!!!!! Like that slime stuff you make in year 7 science. So good. would be better if it was orange not green, and you happened to have an orange car with the words sandman on the back in a 70s font.

    2. Yes, yes, it totally would be better that way.

      I think I need to (maybe) introduce you to Jaffa Cakes. They have edible orange slime in them and they are.. oh.. indescribably good.....
      (and that 'maybe' is only incase you already know about them!:)