Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gif it here/Long time no gif

"One does have a sense that this is not going to last forever." That was a text message I received from a friend of mine the other day. Apparently it is a Cohen quote, although I'm not sure of its origin. Sometimes I get this weird feeling when I'm out somewhere and the only way I can explain it is that I feel like I'm in a game of the Sims and everyone including myself is just kind of doing these things to momentarily gratify their fleeting desires that when fulfilled will play no part in achieving any real sort of happiness - only contributing to a kind of muted satisfaction with our lives and existences. I used to love playing the Sims on our super slow PC in the early 2000s. Thinking about the Sims now there is an inherent sadness that reeks from this computer simulation of our own environment which comes from the desperation the characters experience - a urgency to quickly gain access to a higher level of being, to unlock new achievements - I'm afraid to admit that the force behind this drive is the sense that indeed, this is not going to last forever.


  1. Do you know Jemima Wyman's work? YOur current gifs are reminiscent of some of her video projects.

    She has a project on in the states at the moment where you put on patterned clothes and perform on a bed in a museum gallery to laptop camera. That was a bad description- just google it. x

  2. Hi Raquel! I'm just looking up her work now, I'm really into her paintings! In particular the one of like the Grand Canyon or something with the rainbow lines.
    I'm really into the webcam aesthetic - there are so so so many blogs with girls making these weird gifs of them and their clothes and stuff and I like how they're like stuck in this infinite realm of a repetitive motion it is like a time warp or something... and I like thinking about who they are performing for - like the whole internet - so everyone, or something. also a bad description but hope you get the gist.. I will have to see if I can find any documentation of this particular Jemima Wyman webcam project.
    Thanks for your comment!!
    Hope you're well oxoxo Minna