Wednesday, February 1, 2012

American Thighs

Here are some things I bought recently: a really good 1970s peasant top and some novelty glasses that I'm taking seriously because ah, hello: GLITTER SUNGLASSES.

I'm pretty exhausted from installing but truth be told I've never had a better time setting up a show - working with Georgie is just an absolute pleasure and we have so much fun and get to eat Kit Kats and Curly Wurlys and Chicken Crimpies and yoghurt and Cadbury Creme Eggs and lasagna. I am so excited for the opening on Friday, which just so happens to be like in one day OMG. We're on the home stretch now, I'm 89 kilos heavier than when we started but it will all be worth it. I think later tonight I will post a SNEAK PREVIEW of some prints I have in the show and maybe get on my exercise bike but won't like live stream that to my blog or anything because that would be pretty weird.

Today Georgie and I were laughing about the way we both work, it's very slapdash and hilarious to watch. Everything is sort of super precarious and occasionally done on a whim... the phrase I coined for our method goes like this "Slap it on and whack it up" and then of course "Crack open a beer". Good show!

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