Monday, February 20, 2012

All my friends are getting married

This is something that I made while watching the episode of the Brady Bunch where they all go to the theme park in Cincinnati because Mike Brady is redesigning the theme park because he is an architect and Jan puts her poster of Yogi bear that she bought at the theme park in one of her Dad's plan tubes which has the plans that he has to show the theme park managers by 12 o'clock because they are flying to New York and Jan accidently takes the plans and Mike accidently takes the Yogi bear poster so he shows the poster at his meeting and then has to run all over the theme park to find Jan but Jan has lost the plan tube that she thought had her Yogi bear poster in it and actually it had the theme park plans in it so then they have to find the tube with the plans in it and then they find it and run all over the park to get it to the theme park managers before 12 o'clock and they just get it to them with no time to spare and then they get to stay in Cincinnati for an extra week for some reason that I forgot.

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