Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workin' hard for the money (or lack thereof)

Today was dedicated to WORKING IN THE STUDIO but it is real hard because the 'studio' at the moment just happens to be my bedroom, or one half of my bedroom at least and my dumb paintings are just looking at me from as soon as I wake up to the minute I go to sleep every day. There's a particular painting out of the three I'm working on that is giving me a lot of grief and it just seems that the more I do to it, the worse it gets. I want to lift the whole thing above my head and sort of frisbee it out of the window like the incredible hulk would but I know I should persevere, plus it could hit some native animal on the head which would probably be bad - it's just frustrating when perseverance only seems to get me further and further 'in the hole' shouting "THIS IS A REALLY DUMB PAINTING I HATE IT KILL IT."

Serenity now.

Below is a picture of me at my desk where 0.02% of the work actually gets done and that's how I look when I'm just casually sitting and thinking about what to write on my blog or what to draw or something. You know how it is. Another thing I did today was have a 15-days-left-until-my-exhibition crisis which was sort of fun but not really at all. I made a Facebook event for this thing which unquestionably proves its existence so if you want to like click attending and have your possible presence validated then by all means. Plus it gives details and a short summary of our statement and stuff. Here is the link!

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