Saturday, January 28, 2012

"There is to be no thinking"

I put my foot down and am going to stay home tonight. Ultimately right now what I want to do is be like Matilda in the movie Matilda where she is like 4 and makes pancakes when her parents leave her home alone and the song 'On My Way' by Rusted Roots is playing. That would be heaven right now. It's not exactly the same but I just made poached eggs and am listening to Magic 1278AM on the radio and the segment on a Saturday night is called 'Party Time' and they play really good songs. I will have to do some drawings while I'm relaxing but that isn't so bad.

I've been really busy lately for a number of reasons the most obvious being that my exhibition 'Halos and Plateaus' opens on the 3rd of February which incase you didn't know or forgot is this coming Friday night! Truth be told the thing I am most worried about is the fact that I don't have a dress for the occasion - not that fact that I haven't finished my paintings or printed any works yet.. but do not fear it WILL happen. I will get a dress. And probably finish my work too. I am well aware that constant plugging makes for boring blogging. I'm apologize to you dear reader amidst this plug - it won't happen .. Oh I'm distracted 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' by the Supremes just came on the radio.

As you can see my attention span is short and I've just come back to writing this after getting lost in the Supreme voids of videos on Youtube for like 45 minutes... could I be avoiding something? Work perhaps? ANYWAY. This is the publicity picture for 'Halos and Plateaus'. A weird combination of Georgie's and my work. I love it/told you it was wild - but, stranger things have happened. Sorry this is a kind of crap post I think I will do a vibes post later which will be like better.

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