Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reality Bites

Last night I watched Reality Bites which I'd never seen before! I was totally enraptured and didn't get distracted and pick up a texta or book one time which hardly ever happens when I watch a movie. I got all these videos for 99cents and Reality Bites was one of them. Vickie's outfits are amazing. I'm sort of into the 1990s does the 1970s , everything is a bit dirtier and the styles are generally really similar but the colours are darker and lipstick is stronger or something.


  1. yeees I kind of liked the movie though I generally hate romantic comedies...I think it was this cool 90s element that made it more worth.

  2. Hi Minna,
    I don't want to sound weird or anything but I have a friend who looooves your blog and all of your art, and her birthday is coming up soon and i was wondering whether or not you had any exhibitons coming up soon that i could buy her tickets for!

  3. Yeah I know, I did cringe at the fact that you can pick that the two that 'hate' each other would end up together. I loved the corny philosophizing about life/the meaning of life and the grainy film quality of the doco filmed bits (kind of wish the whole thing was shot like that!!) But yeah I know what you mean. Maybe I liked it so much because Winona Ryder is such a 90s babe!! xox Minna

    Hi Anonymous, how's it going? My exhibitions aren't ticketed (probably never will be!!!) So art and love is shared for free as it should be - I have a show opening on the 3rd of February at Rearview ARI in Smith Street, Melbourne. This is the website and it's free to come. I will post opening times closer to the date. ( I blogged about the exhibition in the below post!)

    Alternatively I have prints/small drawings for sale and stuff if you did want to give your friend a gift - send me an email at
    Also may I just say I am incredibly flattered and your friend sounds like a cool dude/dudette!!! xoxo Minna

  4. Love this film, especially the My Sharona scene...