Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Makem fall in love with ya"

I went to a really great dinner party last night! We Google imaged 'Bed sores' at the table during the main course and broached various other equally compelling topics. Would you rather drown or burn to death? How long would you last in a coffin if you were buried alive? Are Smarties better than M&Ms? Do different colour M&Ms taste different? Then, a friend told us terrifying stories about séances that he has done and I was really scared but it was okay because I was with all my friends and we had the lights on and a bowl of M&Ms. In the morning I watched terribly amazing daytime TV with Annabelle and Tom the cat. Now I'm doing more palmistry research which is fun, and ah, writing this occasionally looking up at my Annie Hall poster and listening to the smooooth sounds of Dr. Hook's 'Sharing the Night Together'.

Something else that I want to write about is that I'm currently filling out this form thing for like a mini-interview for someone's blog and there's one question that is "What do you do?" and I'm SO TEMPTED to write: "Not a lot." I mean tonight I ate dinner at like 4.45 and made the below pictures.


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    1. Yaaaay! That is totally what it's meant to be like. I want to do better ones though these were just practices wowowowow