Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It ain't necessarily so

I had a lovely day today. This morning I watched the Brady Bunch for a change and I had to pause it for some reason and it paused when Bobby was making that funny face so I took a photo of it because I thought it was really funny. Then I went to Heide Museum of Modern Art with my friends and we had a picnic and saw the show that they have on there at the moment called 'Forever Young'.

Whenever I go to Heide, an old aching comes to light again, which is the dream to start my own artist commune. Sure there's my Malt shop dream and my bus driver dream that I don't think I've detailed on here yet - unfortunately - but this dream is like the ultimate real dream if the initial real dream comes true which is me being an artist. I want to buy a rambling property like way out in the middle of nowhere probably like where I live now and then invite all my best friends to live with me and have free studios as long as they keep me supplied with cereal.

It would be a place with stacks of books and records all over the place in the corridors and in the kitchen and music playing all the time. I'd let my artist friends paint murals on the walls and build sculptures on the roof. We'd have lots of garden parties and conversations under the stars and gazes through candle light. People would read aloud from books and there'd be different visitors every day with new ideas and grandiose plans. This is the ultimate of all dreams because it's so fantastic it's practically a fantasy - Unlikely to ever occur as romantically as it does in my mind, nevertheless still at the top of my list.

I have no means to make this happen but if miraculously one day I find some money in my pocket and that old pang of determination in my heart then I believe it would almost be possible.

Above are photographs of some art in the show today - the first by Mike Brown and the second by Richard Larter. Thanks for entertaining my notions.


  1. You have to do this! It's the best dream I've heard in a while, and totally doable. If you get a big enough plot of land you could grow the malt there for your malt bar dream, or just lots of veges, to sell at the local market for income. I hear that the dirt is good for creativity

  2. Thanks for your support! Most of the time these dreams morph into something else once they seep from the mind into reality. They get diluted or something... But yes, I think it is possible! And growing the malt is a fantastic idea. I'd also like to have an orchid garden and passionfruit trees and peach trees and a cactus garden... and strawberry plants. ahhhhhh!!!