Sunday, January 8, 2012

I packed the postcard in my suitcase/Aunty Em

Today was really great. My 'Aunty Em' is visiting from New York and we spent the day together catching up properly. When I was younger my Aunty would come and visit and it would be so fun. She was so young and cool and crazy with like long Marcia Brady hair and odd socks and stuff. She would drive us around and we'd go to Brunswick Street and Op Shops and on missions to like buy the biggest turkey we could find or something. The best fun though was in the car and I'd made this one mix tape from recording songs off the radio. She would let me and my sisters play it really really loud and we'd all hysterically sing and giggle.

Today was a little different and I really realized that I'd grown up. This time I was driving the car and I was taking my Aunty places. We did grown up things like go to art exhibitions and drink tea. We didn't wind down the windows and have our heads or hands hanging out and we didn't see how loud the speakers could go. There comes a point in your life when your relationships with family members adjust to you being an adult. I'm 21 now and I always think that my Aunty was 21 when I was born. When I was younger I observed her going through what I am now on the cusp of going through. My 20s. Oh dear god.

The exhibition we saw today was Pippilotti Rist's 'I packed the postcard in my suitcase' at ACCA. I've visited 3 times now and I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is, especially to experience it with someone you're emotionally close to. It's otherworldly and soft and I left feeling like I was floating. I have this fantasy about living in a lava lamp. It was pretty darn close to what I reckon that would feel like but less hot and less blobby. I think I'll take my Nanna next. Go see the show.

I just want to quickly share with you a few songs that were on this wonderful mix tape of mine from those glorious years somewhere between the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Come with me on a journey through time and space...


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  1. I have an aunt who sounds very similar to your Aunty Em! She lives far away and wears odd socks and likes secondhand stores and is very fun. That's interesting about your relationship having to adjust to you being an adult, though. Perhaps my relationship with my aunt will have to adjust at some point as well.