Saturday, December 10, 2011

Burning Artman

I did some drawin'. The first time I'd really done any for a while. Above are some of the ones I was happy with. Last night I went to an 'art burning' party, where we burned a whole bunch of art we hated. I have heaps of stuff I hate but most of my paintings were too big to carry so I just bought some drawings with me to fuel the flames. I have SO MUCH art everywhere. Y'know I should really stop making it for a while until the amount of space I have increases.

At the art burning party a fire truck came as did about 10 firemen. Then we had to put the fire out, still with lots of things left to burn. I think it was because the stuff we were burning was like oil paintings and treated wood and plaster and plastic... sort of stuff you're not meant to burn. Now, every time I inhale I think of the toxins I have in my lungs. I suppose eventual death by art school party isn't so bad and at least I'd be in a hospital ward coughing up my lungs with all my friends...

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