Thursday, November 24, 2011

The way you makea me feel

Like George Costanza in Seinfeld I happen to dress based on mood. Well, my mood and the current vibes of course, which kind of blur into the same thing. Today was one of those days where I happened to dress in the wrong outfit, thus all day projecting the wrong vibes. I had these new clothes that I wanted to wear and even though they didn't feel quite right I left the house in them anyway.

Usually on one of those days I might drop in at an Op Shop and attempt to resurrect a new outfit with the inclusion of a cheaply bought accessory or different shirt. One day I was so unhappy with my outfit that I bought an entirely new and different one, got changed in the bathroom and immediately felt better. I have a really fraught relationship with clothes - what I'm wearing is incredibly important to me yet what I want to wear is something that is ever changing and never really entirely satisfied. This is kind of the "I'd never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member" thing, that plagues me.


  1. "what I'm wearing is incredibly important to me yet what I want to wear is something that is ever changing and never really entirely satisfied."

    Wow, I agree with that so much. My style ethos, the way I approach getting dressed, is constantly changing and I'm never sure what I want it to be. How planned/spontaneous do I want my outfits to be? Is it more important to be stylish (in my own way of course) or just, like, fun and different? Must I always be so colorful? Etc.

  2. I used to be so obsessed with clothes and would plan my outfits in advance. Wearing a shit outfit ruins your entire day. These days i wear the same thing all the time and i think i'm gonna stick to it. I love wearing the same thing all the time now.

  3. Hey Clara. Yes it's an eternal dilemma... and with clothes so much can be lost in the translation from how you feel in them to how they appear. If I thought less about it I'm sure it would be a lot easier but I can never classify clothes as unimportant!

    Yalei. Totally, my approach to outfits has gotten so much better, I used to wear all this crazy shit and try and have too many looks going on at once which was confusing. I realised that we have a reasonable amount of time and you can approach each day or week or month as a different look rather than trying to do it all in one outfit on one day. Wearing the same thing all the time now is good. it eliminates distractions or something and displays an ability to be discerning.