Friday, November 25, 2011

It's an honour

Well I got into honours at University which is really fantastic. I feel happy about it. My Dad says now I can rest on my laurels for a little while, at least until Christmas. Resting on my laurels means just taking one step back and sort of lessening the pressure on a metaphorical blood pressure measurer pump thing a notch or two.

I have decided that I am going to sell my Zine in the most complicated way possible which is:
You email me your name and postal address to
I will then get back to you with a quote which will be the price of the Zine ($5.00 AUD) plus the postage (International postage $4.00 AUD, OR postage within Australia $1.50 AUD) Then you transfer the money into my Paypal account and I send you the Zine. I just re-read these instructions and it makes me sound like some kind of email scammer like "Good day it is with great love and trust that I contact you dear friend..." So if I don't get any sales I know it's not because people don't want my Zine but because you think I'm an internet scammer obviously.

Anyway I feel pretty good about honours now and no longer am I in a state of limbo, like, will I be on the streets next year or will I spend 12 more months in the comfort of art school heaven. Thankfully it will be the latter. So my dearest I come to you from great hardship with small offering of words upon paper in exchange for...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, welldone on getting into uni!! And I'll email you sometime about the Zine, but wah I like in the uk :( <33333

  2. Oooooh! Can trades be arranged? :D

  3. Thanks guys! Clara I just emailed you :) :) :)