Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heart of Gold

Above is this weeks Rookie diary post. Today has been one helluva day, or rather, incase you didn't pick up on the vibes in the past couple of posts here, it's been one helluva week! I know how incredibly boring this must sound to all of you, my ramblings are delirious and characteristically self absorbed but this experience installing my work for a major show has been a lot tougher than I thought! I've had Neil Young's 'Tell Me Why' in my head all day...

"Sailing heart-ships thru broken harbors
Out on the waves in the night
Still the searcher must ride the dark horse
Racing alone in his fright.
Tell me why, tell me why

Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself,
When your old enough to repay but young enough to sell?"

Finally, this afternoon I ate a Drumstick ice cream and stared blankly at the wall at my four works, all straight, aligned, and where they should be, and I was finished. It really was SO hard to make arrangements with myself. I think what I found so hard about hanging this show was that I had an ingrained feeling that what I show should be representative of the past three years I've spent at art school. I had trouble only showing particular things and being really discerning because I wanted to show EVERYTHING, and try to illustrate the wonders that have taken place here. Unfortunately it's impossible to summarize three years of art school in 3 meters of wall space. Also, how could I possibly be discerning when I suffer from the mentality 'more is more'.

Anyway, it looks good. My works can breathe. The VCA Grad Show opens this Monday night in the Art Department at The Victorian College of the Arts, starting at 6.00pm.

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  1. Your pictures make the best posts on Rookie, you're so inspiring! <3