Monday, November 7, 2011

Good luck charm uh huh huh

Today I had an interview to see if I am worthy to undertake the honours program at my university next year. I got myself into a right state about it and beforehand I found myself incredibly nervous. As I paced around the studios I came to my desk and on it was a little black cloth draw-string bag that I pried open to reveal a red plastic pendant with a little note that read 'Circa 1969/1970'.

The best thing about my university is that it's so intimate and the teachers know you almost as well as your friends do. The red pendant was a gift from the head painting lecturer who knew I'd appreciate a cherished item from a more psychedelic time. The other 'best thing' about my university is that because all the lecturers are artists, (some famous) they're all really cool. I can imagine my painting lecturer wearing this necklace in 1970, flitting around smoke filled rooms bantering with artists I now read about in books. It is so wonderful to have something ingrained with so many experiences handed on to me.

I slung the pendant around my neck and walked through the door to fight for my life in the interview. Something about that ruby red 60s plastic must have made me particularly articulate and it ended up being not so grueling, even not so bad. Fingers crossed.


  1. I hope you did well! wow I like the sound of your university and hope when I'm your age I will go to one similar.

  2. so sweet! I wish the same thing will happen to me in three years time when I shall be doing interview for masters at my dream uni! (oh well but who knows whats gonna happen in 3years time anyway)

  3. Thanks Dayzee! The interview is a grueling process and at times I despise having to justify myself! But I think it went okay. I will find out the results soon enough anyway... in the meantime I'm going to watch the sound of music! :)

    Alcohols - the only advice I have for interviews is that you can never be TOO prepared! Actually that's kind of the case for lots of things... but, best of luck in three years time :) :) XO