Monday, November 14, 2011

Death of a Ladies Man

Please excuse my blogging hiatus. It was kind of mandatory because my internet is having issues and, like all things you can't control I do believe perhaps it was kind of necessary. Right now I'm taking a break from sanding, filling and painting the walls at Uni in preparation for our graduation show. It's actually really refreshing doing physical work rather than emotionally and mentally exhausting work - my paintings and drawings are pretty much all finished now and this week is all about preparing the space and then installing.

I bought some amazing silver platform shoes this morning to wear to the opening. They are pretty wild. Below are some things I've been working on, and a couple of seriously wild images I've found in books along my travels...

Please bare with my sparse and sporadic posting at the moment, I am in a bit over my head with activities. When holidays, guaranteed you will be sick of my rambling once more.

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