Friday, November 4, 2011


Inspired by 'Midnight in Paris' I decided to dress up 1920s style today. It seems the more dissatisfied I am  with reality, the further back I regress into time periods, into the safety of the past haze. I like the idea of ambiguity in time, the idea of possessing the ability to create a time slip. Through my choice of outfits I can concoct strange, hybrid time periods.

I've been reading a now treasured copy of Leonard Cohen's 'Let Us Compare Mythologies' and I keep returning back to a particular poem entitled 'Ballad'. This passage from it goes round in my head like a carousel:

"The flowers they were roses
and such sweet fragrance gave
that all my friends were lovers
and we danced upon her grave"


  1. You look lovely. With your skin, I'd be wearing red lipstick every day.

    I do the same retreat into the past, but not so far as decades. I retreat into my past--trying to remember and replicate a time when I was happier. I hope the dissatisfaction doesn't last for too long.

  2. Well thank you! My skin is so pale.. I do usually wear red lipstick, every day! It's a staple.

    About the dissatisfaction - I feel like it comes in waves, but always exists, unfortunately. But, I think ultimate satisfaction would be worse because then we'd have nothing to yearn for or hope for or anything... hmm cest la vie!