Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11.40 in Melbourne

Today I had the morning out of the studio and went to see Woody Allen's new film 'Midnight in Paris' at 11.40 am. I'd been busting to see it as I do consider myself a bit of a Woody fan and finally today was the day. I REALLY enjoyed it, and I was raving about it all afternoon to anyone who would listen.

It addresses something I've been plagued with for my whole life - in particular now as I deal with it in my art practice - a dissatisfaction with the present time. I am so attracted to romantic notions of past decades and the reason for this attraction has always perplexed me. It appears Woody and I share the same affliction in a sense that 'now' appears unattractive and distance created by time renders past circumstances foggy and appealing. We want to exist in the fogginess of the past rather than the fluorescent lights of now.

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