Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"We're very happy but we don't mind"

I have been thinking about the importance of solidarity. I've been blessed lately with feeling like I am my own entity, that I exist within a sphere of "I". Sometimes I think I know who "I" am without referring to other 'beings' to give myself context. However, I'm not sure this is at all possible. 

Here is a quote from R.D Laing's book 'The Divided Self' "We all exist in the world as beings, defined by others who carry a model of us in their minds, just as we carry models of them in our minds" he also says that:"we are existing for others, who exist for us". I think this is fascinating in a sense that it points out the co-dependent cyclic nature of our relationships. Although I think I know who "I" am, my idea of myself is based upon a reflection of this idea, thrown back at me through interactions with others.

This is sounding like a nonsensical essay I should be writing instead of a light hearted musing on my blog. Above are some collages I made yesterday.


  1. wow I love the collages

  2. that quote is interesting and I find it true, though I wish it wasnt. I wish people would behave according to what they expect, not according to others and society expect - I used to behave this way and the only result was that I was just unhappy all the time.

  3. Thanks Daaaaayzee!

    Hmm, well I think that we do try and behave for ourselves and most of the time we think we are behaving for ourselves.. but because we haven't grown up in a cave with wolves the expectations of other humans are so ingrained we don't even know that they are there anymore. I hope you're not feeling unhappy still girlfriend. I guess we mightn't be must happier with the wolves either.