Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's been a whirlwind couple of days. As you may already know, this is my last year of art school and as third year comes to a close, spirits and anxieties are high. As a graduating class we organized the traditional end of year painting department picnic which was held in the Botanic gardens yesterday afternoon. It was incredible and I recall someone saying: "Coming to art school was like coming home" and yes, as corny as that is it's true true true, and that's how I felt looking out over the small huddled mass of my friends bathing in the sun drinking beer.

I already feel nostalgic for the past three years, nostalgic for the friendships and romantic encounters, the time we pushed a barbeque across the tram tracks (actually that was only yesterday) and all the other utterly ridiculous circumstances I shared with these people. I've said it a thousand times but you have to go to art school to understand it, and it is this reason that the bonds formed between people who you experience it with are so unique. Below are some drawings and the novelty award that I was given by my wonderful teachers.


  1. Ahhh the weather has been so good! Congrats on this novel award. you must be sad that this is all coming to an end, gee i would be.

  2. Thanks Yalei!! You TOTALLY have to come to the grad show, opens on the 21st of nov at 6.00pm it will be so wild!!!

  3. You know it.
    I'll see you there