Monday, October 3, 2011

Saving daylight

Boy am I glad to see daylight savings. I feel fantastic. Tonight I walked home listening to Bob Dylan and the sun was STILL OUT. More daylight signals the coming months of afternoon beers with friends, of listening to The Zombies, laying about in the knee high grass of my friends' backyard eating bowls of pasta. It signals the opening of windows, dragging out the moldy blow up pool and wading in it, cotton dresses, sweating in the painting studios. This time around it also signals, much to my dismay - the end of a rather wild three year ride at art school.

When I was accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts, I remember entertaining the notion that I would actually be going to art school. What would it be like? Who would I meet? At the time I watched an awful film called 'Art School Confidential' which was AWFUL, but did give me many circumstances to fill my rather imaginative mind with, until I began first year. My experience has been nothing like that film. It has been nothing like any preconceived notion I had entertained at all. The thing about an art school experience is that it cannot be imagined or portrayed or parodied. It is only alive within itself, within the particular combination of individuals you happen to be thrown together with. The reason I'm so sad about leaving art school is that nowhere in my whole life again will this experience or environment be recreated or relived.

Anyway it's a little premature to be writing such a nostalgic post when I still have SO MUCH WORK TO DO and not enough time left in my beloved studio to do it!


  1. Loving the second gif. Your hair is so babein. All the best for the rest of your semester

  2. Thanks Yalei ! This post is kind of like your post about 'the end' of Uni, I really liked it. I will definitely miss LEARNING and discovering stuff all the time. I guess it's up to ourselves now!!!