Friday, October 21, 2011

I AM (Part 2)

I have neglected you all by not sharing intimate details of my life and stuff lately. Predictably, truth be told I've been writing an essay that's sucking sentences out of me like never before. I'd written all my words in my essay and had none left for here. I've also been busy with doing things like being a tambourinist, eating brownies, and (surprise surprise) listening to Leonard Cohen. I also occasionally chuck The Velvet Underground in there just to mix it up a little.

Anyway above is a very recent work I made which had been purchased and is soon to be going to a new home! How exciting. Yet another piece of my innards is free to exist alone in the world. I feel good.

In a mass of words extracted from an even bigger mass of words I wrote, here is a description of my week:

The smell of lipstick, an unexpected acknowledgment, realizing a series of small revelations, perfect delivery, satisfying sentences, certainty, snacks, the letter 's' as it slips between your tongue and your teeth, the 'mmm hmm' moment, textas that are running out of ink, freckles, running your hands over the cover of a book, the perfect plan I know "I AM, I AM, I AM"


  1. i love it.your so amazing xoxox

  2. I've been lurking here for ages and I just wanted to say that you are an amazing writer. I love your perspective and I love the words and sentences you use to express your original thoughts.

  3. Well thanks for stickin' around!!! Hope I actually come up with the goods soon, I haven't written anything decent in ages!