Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have a scrapbook which is different to my sketchbook in a sense that I don't draw, I just paste in pictures and write down phrases to keep them from going round and round in my head. This week it has been "I'm a believer" because I find it all encompassing of the kind of blind optimism I am so attracted to. I made a playlist with this in mind that you can download HERE:

1. I'm A Believer - The Monkees
2. Let's Shake Baby - Zoe and the Stormies
3. Bam Bam - Sister Nancy
4. The Boy Next Door - The Secrets
5. Oh Dread - Althea and Donna
6. Sunday Morning - Margo Guryan
7. Darling - Zoe and the Minis
8. You're Moving Out Today - Carole Bayer Sager
9. Jeans On - David Dundas
10. I'm Into Something Good - The Cookies


  1. Eee your scrapbook is great! I have one with a grind pattern (is that what it is called?) on it too - I definitely need to use it more often ^^

  2. Ha thanks! Yeah I call it graph paper.. I used to be obsessed with it last year now it's making a resurgence.
    I hate it but I get really precious about my scrapbook and I don't want to be - like if I don't like a page I rip it out and stuff....... neurotic!!

  3. I did a scrapbook / sketchbook / journal post yesterday! I always like other peoples scrapbooks more than my own. I also do rip out pages I dont like, I have to keep it nice and sorted.

  4. Ohhh the Cookies! Do you like "Chains" too? 2nd fave after "I'm into something good" !

  5. Hey Charlene! Yes indeed I love Chains! There is a bit of an argument in the Youtube comments about Beatles vs Cookies.. We can just love both!!! Thanks for reading my post XOXOXOXOX

  6. hey great pics and great songs. thanks!