Saturday, September 3, 2011


I keep waking up at 6.00am which is pretty wild, but that means that my day is a lot longer than most, which I like. It's like in Almost Famous when the kid gets told by his Mum that he's actually like 3 years younger than he thinks he is. He has time up his sleeve which is marginally better than having a tissue up there. I always wish my Mum had done that to me. Anyway so that extra hour or so in the morning is my secret time, to gather my thoughts, listen to music, get things done before the expected 9am. I really value MY time, I have my travel time on the train, my time in the morning, my time when I get home. Some people don't need that time with themselves. I do.

I've always been an early riser. I couldn't comprehend sleeping half the day when the sun was already up and I really needed my morning bowl of cereal. The best radio is really early in the morning too, of course. This morning I'm going to use my time to clean my room, evidently it is totally out of control.

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