Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here she comes

Sun is reading Leonard Cohen's 'Book Of Longing' and the album Odyssey and Oracle by The Zombies and pasta with friends on the doorstep of the original Manor - it's open windows and lying on warm asphalt, bare legs and citrus fruits, blow up pools and a sheen of sweat sticking my clothes to my back. It's the song 'Dead Flowers' by the Rolling Stones. It's like all the elements possessing the ability to breathe life into the very fiber of your being just as it has the power to take it away.


  1. WOW! I think you’re either speaking what I think or you’re speaking what I think. Either way, I find this blog immensely inspirating, it reminds me of my life and what I’m going through now... and also, you look wonderful and I will return here more often. I dont normally visit blogs like these so it feels very liberating to see someone not babbling about H&M skirts they got for free and other nonsense. But the nonsense you write is just beautiful. I’m not mad. Thanks.

  2. Hey Alcohols (I like you already..)
    Thanks so much for your incredible compliment. So glad you're enjoying reading my blog. We don't have H&M in Australia so you'll never hear me blog about a H&M skirt, lucky. I do write nonsense though, mad nonsense... but "we're all mad here" remember. Come back anytime xoxo