Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heaven knows anything goes

 I said that I was making some video stuff and here are some screen caps from a trial I've been working on. Film is a really exciting medium, I feel the good stuff has a powerful ability to transfix the viewer more immediately than a painting or drawing or something. With film you have to think about it less because more visual information is given to you and it sparks more senses - sight, sound, recognition of movement/motion. With all this information it is easier to immediately forge an emotional connection with a work and fall into a state of mind or pattern of thoughts induced by what you're viewing.

The video stuff I'm doing is terribly psychedelic and really fun. It could be a film clip to a Velvet Underground song or something (Okay I'm flattering myself here) but what I mean is it's slow moving, disorientating and awkward.

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