Friday, September 9, 2011

He gets something different from me

On 'the box' tonight is either Marco Ferreri's 'La Grande Bouffe' (The Big Feast) or Woody Allen's 'Stardust Memories'. I haven't yet decided. Whenever I have a Friday night to myself with no homework or social commitments, I like to have poached eggs for dinner and have the idea in my head that later I am to relax and watch a film. Usually, though, I faff around until much later in the evening (like now) then eventually get around to forcefully stuffing the disk in my coughing and spluttering DVD player, pressing play and proceeding to fall almost immediately asleep. It's great. There's no hiding that I thrive on the most mundane of routines.

I suppose ultimately I like routine because it makes me feel more in control of my life and chaotic existence as a human. I cross the road to the train station in exactly the same place every morning and night. I like to catch a particular train to and from Uni. I like Thursday nights at Savers, working on Sunday, seeing my Nanna on Tuesday. It functions. I'm not bored though a common misconception is that one who sticks to a routine is boring. Although a subjective adjective - I find that within a routine there is definitely some room to move whilst still maintaining the feeling of control over one's activities.

There's a particular lyric from a Counting Crow's song 'St.Robinson and his Cadillac Dream' that goes a little something like this "She says I always do the same thing over and over" and that's just what I think of. The same thing over and over can be different every time, you could look up to the sky at 5.00pm every day and see something profoundly different each evening. You could go to McDonalds at the same time for breakfast every morning and every day have a different experience. I think it just depends on the level in which you engage with such an activity - I mean if you choose to view it on the surface as physically the same then it sort of is - but metaphysically the same? No. We never truly mimic only repeat with knowledge of a similar past experience. It's not boring, perhaps even more interesting given that the closer you look at the similarities the larger the differences appear. I'm gonna stick to my routine, goodnight.

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