Thursday, August 18, 2011


I found the perfect pants at Savers this afternoon. I only had a few minutes to rush through and only very few dollars to spend but I came out with this great pair of Country Road brown checked pants. The best thing about them is that they fit perfectly. The silly jumper I'm wearing with lots of holes in it says 'UFO' over and over and then is trimmed with the American flag that says UFO on it too, I presume instead of USA. Looks like it came straight out of Area 51 in the 70s. I really like it even though it's moth eaten.

Anyway lots is going on but I always find time to go to Savers. As for my post a while back talking about how I'm lost the enthusiasm for clothes and Op Shopping I once had - I have found a middle ground. If I go to Savers the night before I get paid I only find myself with like $15 in my bank account, thus I am forced to be incredibly discerning in what I buy. I leave with only one or two items instead of five and I get the same thrill I once did. I guess this is because now I only buy quality things instead of novelty things and do not buy just for the sake of it. This is the way forward for me!

I am going to do a huge vibes post later tonight. I think, if I can muster the strength. In the meantime this is a photograph of something I sacrificed at Savers tonight due to my new budget and philosophy. I like that I now have the power to see a beautiful item and appreciate it without having to have it in my possession. This was a totally incredible 70s hand embroidered top. I had to buy my perfect pants so I left it for another soul like myself when I was younger to snap up and enjoy.

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