Sunday, August 7, 2011

Out on the weekend

"She got pictures on the wall,
they make me look up
from her big brass bed.
Now I'm running down the road
trying to stay up
somewhere in her head."

Today I got a new brass bed-head which I really like. Ultimately, I would like a huge wooden four-poster bed with sheer fabric draped over the top but we can't always get what we want so in the meantime this will do nicely. I remember when I was a child and my Aunty was in her 20s (and the coolest person I knew) we would sit on her four poster and she'd give me these 'art lessons' - we'd look at big heavy books on Matisse and Mary Cassett and Arthur Boyd. There's something about looking at big heavy books on a bed that is totally incredible. I think it's the contrast between the weight of the book and the weightlessness of you being on the bed. I like how the book sinks into the mattress a little too.

Anyway back to me and my new brass bed-head. I was reminded of the above verse from the Neil Young song 'Out on the Weekend' which I love. I like Neil Young because his lyrics are incredibly basic and use naive rhymes yet are still poignant. When I was younger probably about the same time in the mid 1990s that I was on my Aunty's four poster bed I was totally infiltrated with the Neil Young album 'After the Goldrush' thanks to my Mum. More recently, as I've grown up I've graduated to his album 'Harvest' which was given to me by a friend recently.

A favourite thing of mine is getting given CDs from people that they think you'll like. It forges an emotional attachment to the particular music or artist that remains with you for the rest of your life - or I like to think it does. It is in this way that music can be transporting. Nothing brings back the aroma of a particular experience like playing the album or artist that is intrinsically linked with it in your mind.

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