Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last night for the first time in my whole life I experienced lucid dreaming. Albeit only for a short amount of time - I had control over my actions in a dream. I moved where and how I wanted to and smiled because I was aware of it being a dream - not "only a dream" I hate that saying because it's devaluing it or something, it's like "Only a movie" or, "Only a TV show". Only a dream? Dreams are the innermost workings of our selves, our souls, our absolute and uncensored selves. They are not only anything more like only everything.

I am really aware of my dreams, I dream almost every night and remember them the next morning. Dreams set the tone of my day, they colour my thoughts and my actions. I listen to the radio as I sleep and I often feel that subtle hints of the songs that play at 3am make their way into my dreams. I was so pleased with myself last night - lucid dreaming was like a totally other realm of my existence I'd never been able to access. I hope I can get there again tonight. In the meantime here are some images I've been working on.

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