Saturday, August 20, 2011

The late night lounge

Ah, another Saturday night listening to 'Party Time' on Magic 1278AM. I swear I used to be cool, or I at least used to interact socially with other human beings - I think I remember what it was like to have a drink in my hand waving my arms around and attempting to be vaguely witty. I am exaggerating a little of course, and I am staying home because I'm trying to be dedicated to Uni and stuff. Right now I'm supposed to be writing an artist talk, just, you know - to explain and justify my entire artistic practice in front of people. It is the fact that this is incredibly intimidating and I can't deal with it that makes me turn up the radio.

I've employed the radio tactic with a lot of things I can't deal with lately. I will admit that it has gotten to the point where I'm trying to enter competitions on the radio, like Magic has a 'secret sound' like Mix 101.1 except that the prize is like $50 and increases by a whole $5 each day that someone doesn't win it! All the old people who listen to the station can't hear anyway so they just ring up and say anything like "Ah is it pulling a tissue out of a tissue box when the tissue box is on fire and you're wearing evening gloves?" and the DJ is like "Oh.. so close! good guess Maureen - but no I'm afraid that's not correct". I love it.

Um I've also been doing lots of art art art! Here are a few recent images that I'm thinking of turning into paintings.

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