Monday, August 1, 2011

Back On The Chain Gang

I've been very busy lately which is nice and definitely keeping me occupied/away from the realms of self indulgent blogging, sorry! It's strange that I'm busy, really, someone who's reasonably introverted and not necessarily first to raise a hand to be involved. I am, however, very organized, and I am thriving on this period of juggling between activities and responsibilities. As soon as I started back at Uni last week, I made a super organized list of things I need to be on top of, and I realized how many of these opportunities and tasks just sort of fell at me.

This is the positive side of the art world. One opportunity leads to another and, if quality and integrity in your work is maintained, the cycle can go on and on and on and on until you're in the Venice Biennale.

Things have a mystical way of falling into place - sometimes - and thinking about it retrospectively or looking at it on paper, it's a rather smooth process I suppose. In reality though lots of these opportunities are results of failed relationships, awkward chance meetings, strange coincidences and drunk conversations. I love that - there is no smooth trajectory from a show in the VCA Student Gallery to the Venice Biennale but it's smooth in a sense that the universe allowed it to and made it happen through a series of volunteer jobs here and a one night stand there. Do you know what I mean?

Above are pictures of me contemplating the mysteries of the universe! Also I have a bunch of stuff on Ebay you should check out:

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