Tuesday, August 23, 2011

As straight as it's gonna get

Now that the two group shows I'm in are hung and happening, there's a rather short road ahead of me leading to the end of year graduation show. I have to get down to some SERIOUS studio time. I bought a new apron that you can see me wearing above, in hope that it will discourage my tendency to get distracted by hilarious conversations, trips to the supermarket, lazing about in the sun... etcetera. I can be a real artist with paintbrushes in my pockets and stuff, it's pretty exciting. Also above, what's meant to be an inspirational postcard from my Aunty in Morocco! Pretty cool huh!?

The weather these past few days has all too obviously been incredible. I feel like everyone has been rubbing their eyes in wonder at the sunlight, at the very colour of things and at their own ability to get out of bed in the morning and embrace the day. This time of the year is glorious because the mere idea of warm weather coming our way is even more exciting and encouraging than the actual thing - because as soon as you hit the actual thing the idea that it's coming to and end begins to creep in...

Tomorrow night 'IS IT STRAIGHT' the much anticipated group show I have a rather large work in opens at George Paton Gallery (Melbourne Uni) at 5pm. The show looks really really fantastic. A quote from the curator "This may well be the best show.. well, ever - in the world" and he's right! (pretty close anyway) Really worth seeing even if you can't make the opening. Oui oui!

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  1. your worked looked great last night! and there are a couple of red dots woo hoo!