Thursday, July 7, 2011


A really surreal circumstance occurred last night and I honestly feel that it was the universe being kind to me. Two totally different spectrums of my life and another's collided and it was equally awkward, mind-blowing, surreal and totally and completely unexpected. I'd never experienced anything like it and I was totally into it.

I felt like this event was positive for me because it communicated something I was unable to even articulate, and afterward when my friend and I got McDonalds at 1.00 in the morning I was thinking about how elegant and articulate this circumstantial communication was, without using words and without any intervention from myself.

This explanation appears totally nonsensical but looking back on this occurrence it feels like a dream. A floaty space where seemingly unrelated people exchange glances and everyone that's ever meant anything to you is under the one roof gesturing wildly and blinking slowly. It was strange.

I came home after two days to another deformed orchid from my Mum. It was kind of a corny metaphor of last night - two facets of one being staring each other right in the face. Freaky.


  1. Minna you have to tell us waht this amazing experience was!!!!

  2. Oh Yalei it's complicated!!! It was like this really surreal weird extreme coincidence... Will tell you in person some time girl!! xox