Thursday, July 21, 2011

Studio Session

Today I sung and recorded myself doing so. I'm making recordings of myself singing to pop songs for the upcoming group exhibition I have been talking about 'Is It Straight?' at George Paton Gallery. It sounds crazy, I know. I've never sung in my life and it's not like I'm good, but I have tried. It's a real laugh, actually, and I enjoyed myself. I've been thinking about Pop songs and how I have really intense emotional attachments to lots of them. I am always singing out loud to something and I feel like this validates the sentiment of the song and applies it to yourself. Anyway, I think I am going to combine these recordings I have made in a space with lots and lots of drawings. But I suppose it's still evolving.

I like these recordings because it's like karaoke or sing star. It's a combination of being pathetic and having fun. I like the idea of pop songs because they're so dynamic and interchangeable. They reach out to masses of people who've ever had their heart broken or fallen in love or whatever. They can make different people feel entirely different things, and evoke vivid memories of people or circumstances. Also, they have access to really intimate spaces in people's lives.

All the songs I have recorded I know the words off by heart. Occasionally I stuff them up which is also great. Anyway, here's a sneaky pete of a track. You can download it here

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