Friday, July 1, 2011

Hits and Misses

I don't like dealing with disappointment. Who does? I know. As an artist I feel as though disappointments will come quite often in the future and I really have to 'man up,' or 'toughen up' so to speak - with regards to accepting a disappointment, and moving on. The method I usually adopt is not one of a great success rate in doing so - today I had a sook while cutting up broccoli, ate chocolate, called my Mother and then made a head circlet out of ivy. The latter was the most successful in getting my mind on another track and I now feel that when faced with a polite email of declined participation in an exhibition, one must just keep doing what it was they were doing, drawing, making, using their hands - and have faith that success comes from consistency, hard work, and getting back in the saddle after a fall.

After the head circlet I also went Op Shopping, and hit the jackpot in another aspect of my life in finding some great National Geographics from the 1960s. Here are some scans from the moth eaten pages that cheered me up somewhat:

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