Monday, July 4, 2011

"A Few Issues"

The above photographs are of my arm under this new light I bought which projects galaxies and moons around the room. I like the photographs because they look like the edge of a planet or something rather than a limb being held awkwardly out from my body.

My friends and I have this saying about ourselves that goes something like this: "I have a few issues". It always rings true, not just for individuals in our insular little group but for basically everyone in the art school environment - and a lot of people outside it, too. Our favourite response to this saying is this "Everyone has issues" or "Everyone has shit to deal with" meaning exactly that - but also implying that one's issues - no matter what they are - are no excuse to treat others poorly.

I have issues. More than a few issues. But never would I let my issues out to fraternize with friends or even the enemy - who also most likely has issues. Someone else's inability to deal with their own issues can leave you with more issues. It can be a vicious cycle. I like to try and keep my issues behind imaginary glass. They're still there and still visible but not able to get out and ruin those important things issues tend to tear apart.

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  1. My issue is that i'm really unmotivated to do things. These holidays have been a testament to this. I hate it!