Monday, July 25, 2011

'The Dream' II

If this 'art thing' doesn't work out for me I have decided that I want to open a 50s Malt Shop, like a Diner that serves milkshakes and sodas and ice cream sundaes and has juke boxes and a dance floor with black and white square tiles. It would be so fun and ultimately I would want it to be like a hang out for teenagers like "Meet you at the Malt Shop after school" and somewhere you take out your date like "Want to go get a soda together after school?" and all the waitresses would wear great clothes and maybe even have roller skates and maybe I'd even get a liquor license and make alcoholic milkshakes and everyone could twist all night long.

The only flaws in this plan are:
1. I hate working in the hospitality industry
2. I need to do some research, but I don't know how big the market for a 50s Malt Shop in Melbourne really is
3. I wouldn't want irritating little kids to come in but they probably would
4. It would be hard to source enough pairs of roller skates
5. It would be hard to teach staff to carry milkshakes and rollerskate
6. As soon as you step out of the door it would no longer be the 50s
7. Probably wouldn't make much money from selling milkshakes
8. It makes me seem pretty tragic

Not surprisingly, the list of flaws in the 'being an artist' plan is a lot longer - but I'll give that one my best shot first before I go into the Malt Shop industry - although expressions of interest are welcome.

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  1. How co-incidental, my San Pellegrino shoot was going to be based on a 50s diner, with a couple drinking out of a san pellegrino bottle instead of a milkshake- with two straws. Aw.

    Oh, and I'm sure Melbourne (in the hip-state it is) would be head over heels for a malt shop!