Friday, July 15, 2011

Blasts from the past

Oh christ I don't know what's more depressing about this, the fact that contemporary is spelt wrong, the fact that the culprit's display picture is of him 'planking', or the fact that these are the kind of people I grew up with. I mean being a 'novelty' is kind of fun for a while but as you get older there is a hint of unwarranted patronization or pity or something, like "Oh isn't that sweet y'know they like quirky stuff they're so kooky but the poor darling they're not really doing anything real with their life" And I dunno about you other 'contempory art type gals' but I'm not into that and personally if someone utters the word quirky in front of me I'm likely to punch them in the face but more likely to just grit my teeth and smile, who am I kidding.


  1. I FUCKING HATE THIS TOO! Quirky, kooky, different, arty, just shuddup!

  2. Story of my life. What the hell is "quirky" anyway? To me, that's like being called "nice." "She's nice."

    I'm holding out for a man with access to better adjectives.