Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today on the train on the way home I was thinking about seeing and what it is that we see. I feel like people subconsciously choose what they see - that is, our eyes are discerning when it comes to seeing something then processing it in our brain. I think most of the time our eyes see a lot more than our brain does which is interesting in relation to the notion of personal truth and reality.

Is the choice of what we see based on emotional needs or simply on what visually grabs our attention the most? Seeing is not always believing, because we do see everything that is in front of us with our eyes but it's our brain that confirms or acknowledges it's existence. When seeing is not believing it's almost us trying to protect ourselves.

I always think about this quote from Seinfeld that is kind of unrelated to this but along the same lines of junk I have been thinking about lately. George Costanza says in relation to Jerry having to be hooked up to a lie detector and lie about weather he's ever seen Melrose Place "It's not a lie, if you believe it" I find that fascinating.