Friday, June 10, 2011

Soul Sista

Today it was 1976. I got out the gold hoop earrings for the occasion and ridiculous distance staring photographs. To me (someone who did not live in the 70s) the 70s were kind of floaty and slow blinking, if that makes any sense. Music was smooth and full of SOUL, honeys singing MMM HMM HONEY and BIG HAIR.

There is an early 70s band called 'The Lovelites' that I just LOVE. A lot of their songs have a speaking bit at the beginning - with a honey talking about how her heart was broken in a sexy voice against a funky guitar beat. It's so brilliant. I made a playlist with some great songs from our soul sistas of the 70s. Experience the vibes. Download it here:


  1. I love this. I'd much rather be nostalgic for an era than to have lived it, to be honest.

  2. Hi there! Yes totally, I know what you mean. Distance from something makes it more romantic. xo